Time to wake up all over again


It's Easter Sunday today and Christians will celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. When my thoughts turn to resurrection and rebirth, I think about waking up all over again. 

In my life, I've woken up from years of abusing alcohol, from grief and from being seriously ill. 

After every rebirth, I've felt wide awake, determined to make the most of life. It's why I embraced yoga, why I learned a new way of being a creative worker. 

Each time I've been reborn, I've wanted to stay awake to life. But it's easy to drift into a kind of sleepwalking, 'not living the apparent life of our days' - as DH Lawrence so beautifully puts it in The Rainbow.

Fortunately, something or other has a way of opening our eyes all over again when we least expect it. 

Turtles and the tree of life

I saw the turtle in the picture swimming in the lake in our local park. I've never thought much about turtles before but something about this one delighted me. 

In Mayan mythology, apparently, turtles symbolise rebirth - the Maize God is resurrected as a turtle. They support the Tree of Life which is somehow the Milky Way. The turtle also represents the constellation Orion. (I've probably garbled this a little but you get the picture.)

I chose to see my little turtle as a personal symbol of rebirth. And I remembered that we can wake up and be reborn at any moment.

What will you choose this weekend?

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David Holzer