Celebrate your difference!

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If you're able to float through life without comparing your yoga practice or your writing to anyone else's, I salute you.

When I struggle, Oscar Wilde's fantastic "Be yourself..." quote always pops into my mind and puts a spring back in my practice, zip into my writing.

The "everyone else is already taken" bit is what really resonates. There's absolutely no point trying to be like the yogis or writers you might envy at any given moment.

Our point of difference is our biggest advantage.

(If I feel that ol' green envy creeping in, I flip it so it becomes aspiration. I try to find out why that yogi's practice is so powerful, why that writer's so impressive to me. I learn.)

That's because, however much I wobble, I'm fundamentally secure in my practice and in my writing. I hope you are too.

But let's spare a thought for those who aren't as lucky as us.

I'm feeling more and more that I have to help people who could truly benefit from yoga but are scared off by the images pumped out by the yoga industrial complex. 

It's why I just joined the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. Here's what they say about themselves:

The Yoga and Body Image Coalition is committed to body love by developing, promoting and supporting yoga that is accessible, body positive and reflects the full range of human diversity. 

Right on! And write on!

If you have a second...
I invite you for a free 30-minute consultation about your writing and how you can perhaps combine it with a yoga practice in 2019 to discover and release your own difference.

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