No-one can take our story away

weird alien egg.jpg

I am watching a story being born inside me.

I'm making notes as it bubbles up out of my consciousness and takes shape. The story seems a bit mad but that's a good thing. 

My story started to appear a few days ago, and it's the last thing I would have expected to happen.

I was feeling especially powerless. The chaos I saw in the world was reflected inside me. None of the various articles I was working on excited me. Neither of the book proposals I was working on was coming together. I was flattened by flu.

So I gave up, took to my bed, and waited for something to change. It did.

The lesson I've been reminded of is that real stories arise from deep within. They take their own time. Even if they come in a flash, they've been oozing up the surface of our consciousness for who knows who long before they're articulated in a single thought.

And they're ours. They're born out our own unique experiences. No-one can take the ability to turn our lives into story away from us. It's our power.

We should never forget that we have a right to write.

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