Make 2019 a pageturner with the 3 Ws and Amor fati


The pages of your story, those new leaves, are going to keep turning whether you like it or not. So you might as well make 2019 a pageturner.

Are you thinking about what you're going to change in 2019? 

For me, change comes down to:

Why not?
Why bother?


The  only time I ever manage to achieve lasting change - giving up drink, for instance - was when the Why? was so clear that I knew it in my soul.

If there isn't a clear Why? we're probably not going to make the change. Whether it's good for us or not.

Why not?

A Why not? change is one where we've got nothing to lose and plenty to gain by changing.

It's not vital to make that change but Why not?

Why bother?

If we can't find a Why? or Why not? that works, we're always going to end up thinking Why bother?


We could embrace the concept of Amor fati. 

Amor fati translates as 'love of one's fate'. It means to see everything that happens to us, good or bad, as necessary.

Good or bad stuff is going to happen to us whether we like it or not. We should accept and learn from it.

Right now, I'm thinking that the best approach for 2019 is to get my Whys in order and then go for an extra-large portion of Amor fati.


If you have a second...

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David Holzer