Do something useless today


I'm busy. It's what I want to be. I feel good writing those words. But along with busyness comes guilt. As the deadlines pile up, I become anxious about finding time for my personal writing and my yoga.

Do you feel like that?

It's easy to caught up in a whirl of busyness. For many of us, work no longer ends because we're always checking our emails. We, and the people we work for, have the sense that we need to put work first or it will suddenly dry up.

It's also been beaten into us in the West that we have to be useful. I feel good when I'm running around like a headless chicken. Even if I fake-sigh and say 'Oh, I'm so busy'.

But, leaving aside everything we know about stress and the unnecessarily overheated state of 21st century capitalism - although being busy's not just about money - there are times when we need to stop and be still.

I remind myself of that every day.

The power of stillness

My ultimate goal when I'm practicing yoga or meditating is to get to a state where I'm present but also absent. For me this is a place where the world quite simply goes away.

Nothing happens here. But it's where ideas are born, choices are made, paths are found. Which is why it's sometimes a scary place to be. And I make excuses not to go inside.

But it's so great when I do.

Do you have a place like this?

You probably do. But you've never thought of it like that. It could be the state you slip into when you're walking the dog, stirring your coffee or half-watching Netflix.

The great thing about yoga and meditation is they allow you to get to that place safely. You're not likely to walk your dog off a cliff or pour your coffee in your ear.

If you see writing or yoga as a way to change your life or just to free yourself from the world of busy, busy, busy even for a little while, you need to protect that place. To go there every day.

David Holzer