Why thinking small has enormous benefits


Money. Love. Freedom. Security.  Friends. Likes.

Is there a particular area in your life where you want abundance?

Right now, I want more people to sign up for my Secret Writing Mantra course. I want the writing I do to promote awareness of yoga for writers to be read by more people.

Of course, this sense of lack is driven by online platforms that only look successful if they have hordes of followers and offer electric oceans of content.

Asking the universe to give us what we want is also thinking vast by definition, isn't it? 

But we all know there's a massive gulf between what we desire and what we really need. And most of us actually need very little.

Thinking small

I'm taking time to savour my huge pleasure in the response of the one person who tells me Secret Writing Mantra helped her win a prize in a writing competition.

I'm stopping to appreciate the word well-chosen, the sentence well-turned, and not worry so much if I don't hit my daily writing target every time.

I'm enjoying the moment when I can stand on one leg in Tree Pose for a few seconds longer than I did the day before.

These little victories push me on. I'm sure you have your own. And I do desire to succeed at something in which I truly believe - for the first time in my life. But I still have to look within myself to decide what success really is.

Because I don't know, it's best to think small and let big come if it's meant to.

And remember that, like you, I hold infinity in the palm of my hand.

If you have a second...

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David Holzer