From joy to pain in 60 seconds. Now where?

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A couple of nights ago, two emails popped into my inbox one after the other. One gave me a really hard time. The other praised me to the heavens.

The not so pleasant email was unfair and untrue. But it still triggered waves of guilt and shame in me followed by anger that I had to manage.

I'm still basking in the praise. Egoist that I am.

Yoga, breath and body wisdom

The day after my moment of joy and pain I had a delicious experience of clarity.

It was after a yoga class. We'd practiced alternate nostril breathing, which I'm sure led to my insight. My teacher had also adjusted my posture in one asana, reminding me of how the tiniest change can bring about a completely different sensation.

I went from pain to joy in an instant.

As I floated down the street past banks of autumn leaves, I was reminded that pain and joy are just surface noise. They pass. But our breath remains as long as we're in this body.

And being conscious of our breath really does lead to wisdom.

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