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Yoga for writers

My name is David Holzer and I teach yoga for writing. Yoga transformed my writing life and I’d love to show you how it can change yours for good.

Yoga for writing combines a simple, easy to learn, yoga sequence designed to prepare you to write and sustain you while you work with mantras, visualisations and practical writing exercises to suit your unique needs.

Yoga has the power to energise your writing, enable you to access inspiration whenever you need to, power up your focus and discipline and become a healthier writer. If you’re someone who wants to write but doesn’t quite know where to start, yoga offers a way to find your true voice and a direction for your writing.

Whoever you are, whatever stage you’re at as a writer, I would love to introduce you to the benefits of yoga for writing.



Transform your life

I teach a simple but powerful sequence designed to prepare you to write and sustain you through a writing session. It can be practiced comfortably by beginners or experienced yogis.

My sequence is born out of my experience as a writer who took up yoga around 10 years ago, wanting simply to be fitter, healthier and stronger. Yoga helped me become all these things, but what hooked me for life was the astonishing effect practicing had on my creativity and my writing.

Inspired by this deeply transformative experience, I developed a sequence that combines yoga poses, mantras specially created for yoga-writing, breathing exercises and visualisation.

Together these prepare my consciousness, mind and body to write for as long as I need. My sequence helps me tap into inspiration, become more fearless in my writing, have the courage to tackle new techniques and sustain the discipline to really work on my writing.

Best of all, when I practice my sequence I never have writers’ block.

Today, I share my sequence and approach to writing with other writers, artists and creative workers online and in workshops. I’d love it if you joined us.

Read about the science behind yoga for writers here and my story here.


"As a yoga teacher, I decided to learn with David mostly for the writing part. The technique of intention setting proved revolutionary."

Elisa Malinverni
Yoga teacher and writer, Switzerland

“David is a very thoughtful and gentle teacher with a deep knowledge of the subject.  One is definitely inspired to go deeper.”

Monika Evans
Dream worker and writer

"For anyone who has suffered from writer's block or feelings of insecurity about their writing, David's teaching is fantastically helpful."

Dave Klaus
Coach, writer, public defender, Zen priest


Learn your way

I offer yoga for writing in a number of different ways
designed to offer all the benefits in the way that best suits you.



One-to-One Coaching Sessions

We start with a free 30-minute consultancy to establish what you’d like to achieve and how yoga for writing can help you.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, I’ll teach you my yoga for writers sequence, unique yoga-writers mantras, powerful breathing exercises and visualisations and we’ll create a yoga and writing programme just for you.

Ask me about my rates.

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Yoga for Copywriters and Business Writers

My yoga for copywriters and business writers workshops are specially designed to help writers working in agencies, communications companies or marketing departments meet tight deadlines every time, with highly creative work and a minimum of anxiety.

I also show how yoga can be easily adapted to the office, helping writers be focused but relaxed, inspired and efficient and always healthy.


Yoga-writing online at DailyOM

Discover how to become a yoga-writer online with my new DailyOM course The Secret Writing Mantra.

Learn my unique sequence to prepare your body, mind and spirit to write. Unlock the power of mantra to overcome your anxieties about writing and find your own unique voice. And much, much more.

All at ultra-reasonable DailyOM prices.

Real World Workshops

I’ll be teaching yoga for writing at some of Europe’s most popular yoga festivals and forward-looking studios.

Watch this space!


Begin your journey

I’d love it if you got in touch with me to learn more about how yoga for writers can transform your writing life and help put you on the path to fulfilling writing.

To begin your journey, please email me at or complete and submit the contact form, whichever you prefer.

Read my latest blog post on the power of yoga to transform writing.

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